Jun 9, 2015

we are here, love. x

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you kept all the things i threw away
holding on to memories of you and me
we're just a box of souvenirs...
panic cord // gabrielle aplin 
i. and it really comes down to this: 
zesty laughter 
stifling more than conviviality; 
stolen across busy tables, 
point a to point b 
was a clear shot through crowded hallways
and shoulders brushing 
the world by. 

ii. some relationships weren’t made for the movie screens. 
ours was made up of sarcasm and Skype dates,
sporadic text messages,
and once-a-week phone call conversations
over rain and the irony of life. 
some are made up of hearts being strung over static lines
making up for humid evenings spent on porch swings.
ours was a gentle rain, swelling into a hurricane. 

iii. maybe we were just a collection of mementos:
ticket stubs, a napkin traced with lipstick,
programs from attending recitals.
maybe we were just hasty hello's & elongated goodbye's.
when you asked me what we were 
i just know we are here, love. 
x || o


  1. Oh, I needed this so badly. Thank you. Thank you. ♥


  2. Fantastic! You're so talented. :)

  3. "some relationships weren’t made for the movie screens." Love it! This whole post just tugged at my heart in ways I don't understand. <3

  4. graceeee, this is so lovely!

  5. oooh, darling, this is gorgeous. you are constantly inspiring me to write by your whimsical and mystically haunting works of art (poetry). i can't even say how much i love this. and i love you even more. ;) xoxo