Jun 9, 2014

the lavender fields / a photo shoot.

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part of me will always be 
walking through the purple magic, 
wondrous, wild, and free. 
:: katie hobbes ::
{^^ only successful free-lensing still...apparently I have still yet to master the technique; or raise enough money for a 1.8 mm :P } 
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the commencement of june called for spontaneous adventures. so when the weekend rolled around, my best friend joanna and i decided to venture a local lavender farm five minutes outside of town. when we arrived, the sight of a sprawling field made up of dreamy lavender greeted us at the end of the dirt road; and harvesters immediately shouted to give us a bundle of buena vista lavender for the photo shoot. the spicy, intoxicating scent clung to us as we literally "swam" {more like trampled ungracefully, i might add} in thick matted rows, while the bees hummed cheerily in the sun drenched field. i have always have possessed a fascination for anything lavender - not only for the alluring color, its immense healing properties, but mostly the well-known fragrance, and have since been nicknamed "the lavender girl" years ago. to me the old-fashioned scent of warmth and summery-ness all curiously enveloped within a small purple bud smells like coming home.  

i was so blessed to have such a stunning model pose for portraits {guys, she's a natural. i didn't even have to pose her...which is good since I don't have any idea nor any experience whatsoever} and our conversation was mingled with sleepy murmurings of delight and rippling laughter over things such as what she described to be "jennifer lawrence" awkwardness in front of the lens and how all my friends are being chased by guys and it'll be me forever alone. :) 

indeed, laughter is always a must.  
it was finally beginning to feel like summer was prepared to stay for awhile.  
postscript: after months of saving film, i used my instax 210  for the first time and received many squeals from me along with intense interest from both a rancher and fellow photographer. :) thank you meredith for sending it to me!


  1. girl, these shots are just gorgeous. so soft + full of warm color. <3 I especially adore the shots when she's laughing. so cute.


  2. Mmmm, I bet that lavender smelled heavenly! This is such a charming photo shoot, I love it!
    Oh, and may I say that I absolutely adore your dress? It is so pretty!

  3. Ah, I agree with you in your love for this old-fashioned, wonderful flower!! What beautiful pictures, I would love to have such lavender fields 5min. out of our town! Thank you for sharing your lovely adventure!

  4. How. gorgeous! These stills share a dreamy, peaceful, joy infused time. I can almost smell that delightful bloom in the summer breeze. <3

  5. Everything about this post make me sigh with delight -- your freelensing skills are MAGIC, the lavender fields are so stunning, and you, m'dear are so gorgeous (and your friend). :)


  6. These photos are so lovely, between you two gorgeous ladies and the lavender.

  7. oh, grace. i can't even. this is absolutely out of a magazine or fairytale. the beauty in this is such exploding!
    you two are such beauties! (like, i still can't get over this.)

  8. Grace dear, these are absolute perfection. I loved the ones with the Polaroids (?)- how creative- and the colors of the field are so vibrant and bright.
    And YOU are great model, so lovely.

  9. Wow, so lovely! I think I need to go visit a lavender farm now... :)

  10. Ohhh my, these photos are beautiful and those fields look magical.

  11. you and your friend are so gorgeous, and so fun!! beautiful pictures! it's a dream of mine to visit a lavender farm.

  12. Gorgeous photos! You're both beautiful!
    Brooke Jordan // Pineapples & Daisies

  13. these pictures are so beautiful {like always, i mean seriously} and you are both such beauties. oh, and you look so happpyy, and that makes me happy because you deserve the best. i love you so much and we need to chat {soon}.

  14. These are beautiful! This weekend our family took a mini road trip with our grandparents and visited a lavender farm. Sadly, they weren't in bloom. :( I was hoping they would be as full and gorgeous as the ones in your pictures. I guess we'll just have to make another visit! :) These are so lovely, Grace.

  15. Lovely photos! The flowers must have smelled so good! Lavender is one of my favorite herbs.

  16. ohhhh I'm so jealous! i love lavender fields..all these photos are perfect!