Jul 3, 2014



the happiness of meeting again after a long time, reunion 

admit it. you have missed this. the thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins, just the two of us against the rest of the world.
// sherlock, the empty hearse // 
while a lot of my friends decided to go galavanting in europe {scotland, barcelona, paris, italy, cardiff!! seriously people take me with youuuuuuuuu!!!}, I decided to move in, stay with a family i've adopted as my own in LA for a week and a half.
sleep? sanity? straight faces? those are foreign concepts when i'm with johanna and her family. the evening of my arrival was already filled up with lembas bread baking, music playing, hysterical laughing, and a nice long skip into the woods. it just makes me incredibly happy that after nine months of arduous, painful separation, we can still slip into rich conversations, sherlock quoting, inside jokes, oneRepublic singing, swing dancing, and the best of times as easily as breathing.

dear arrowhead, you have been lovely so far.


  1. ahh this is the sweetest. <3

  2. You two are gorgeous!

    Retrouvailles is my favourite french word (it's the name of my tumblr haha)
    I love foreign words that have such romantic meanings :)

    Beautiful photos :) xx

  3. Aw, such pretty girls and looks like so much fun!!! I love the mountains and country!

  4. These are such lovely photos...but the ladies in them are even more beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm so glad you ladies are having such fun together! <3

  5. I'm glad you're having fun! These photos are breathtaking, as always... you're SO talented!

  6. So beautiful! I am so happy for you and your adventures! :) Love you so much, pond. <3 <3 xx.

  7. Those photos are beautiful! I am so glad you two can re-unite. And that Sherlock quote is so perfect, as are all Sherlock quotes.

  8. Everything about this post = perfect.