Nov 14, 2013

"i want to be like water. i want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship."

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||| all stills taken with my iphone and edited with vscocam |||
the days are colliding
so are you.
the leaves are collapsing
would it be a lie to say
you are too?
sadness and cold
rustle in the cage of your bones
every inhale and exhale
stings at gypsy wind stirrings
shocked with cold.
yet even that does not electrify
even that does not make you forget.

you're quick to defend that they don't really know who you are or who you want to be.
do you?
you are in love with the cities these eyes have never seen
and these fingers have never penned nor footsteps have ever imprinted
are you in love with the idea that no one knows what you are
and where you've been - where all the townspeople are
oblivious of the demons in the closet of your mind
and soon maybe you will be too.
are you truly in love with the sea, or do you love the feeling
of relief it sweeps over you, when you feel the loneliness of it
strum your own heart's breathings?

is it harder to carve your face with silent tears
or to cry in front of strangers?
make your choice. stop listening to the lies
that you whisper over and over to yourself to sleep.
you are young. you are free in His grace.
i can't stress to you enough that 
you are never alone.
yes, you are broken, yes. you will always be broken.
yes, you are sad. yes, you hurt. yes, you lie to survive.
but you don't have to be this.
be a living breathing exclamation
that this is who you are: one who doesn't know all the 
answers to everything but goes on adventures
to discover, one who loves fiercely and 
puts their whole heart on the line for love, 
one who knows that each staring flaw is a reminder 
of mistakes but how He helped you overcome 
each and every one of them. 
be water, slip through the fingertips of people 
who have the courage to discover your depths. 
but be strong enough 
to hold up a thousand ships of messages. 
messages of love and joy. 
be alive. because we are too young not to be. 
listening // 
remarks, 1000 ships, & overwhelmed by rachel platten 
isabella by dia frampton
feel again by one republic 
missing you, loving you and you and you and you 
please read // this & this {both of whom inspired this post} 
*title quote by michelle williams 


  1. this is unbelievably beautiful; one of the loveliest most touching things i've read in a while.

  2. the title of this post alone already caught me. i want to be like water.

  3. Grace,
    This is a lovely post! I am hopping over here to contact you in regards to a possible guest post, for your posts are absolutely lovely and I love your craft projects! You have such a gift in that area! Do you think you might be interested in guest posting about making something Christmas themed on my blog for my blog party, December 1-7? If so, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog, e-mail or contact me on FB so we can discuss. =) Thank you, and have a lovely day!


  4. oh, darling. this brought tears to my eyes. i've been feeling sort of broken lately, and the odd thing is i don't know what's broken. this was such a beautiful reminder that life is beautiful and worth living with joy. and your photographs are so lovely, especially the third and fourth. (seriously, all with an iphone? talenttttt.)
    and "feel again" by one republic has been on repeat of late. it's such a beautiful song.
    and i love you too! xx. -m

  5. I love this! And it came just at the perfect time. Thank you, Grace

  6. You are just so artsy, and deep. =D
    I love your blog posts dear Grace.

  7. Grace...I have no words. This is so beautiful. Thank you.


  8. girl, i can feel the emotion in these raw words. i can feel the hurt and pain, but the hope too. your words are written so beautifully and your talent blows me away. i can't forget the pictures. amazing what one can do with an my girl, are pretty awesome. and might i say how happy i was to be one of the links? ya lots, my gracie girl. <3

  9. Oh, Grace. I just want to tuck this away in my heart and roll it over and over in my mind. This is so beautiful and the emotion you portray is overwhelming and I feel like you connected with my heart... again. This is amazing, and I love you so much. -pond

  10. that is really nice and I love the photos!


  11. Oh, dear friend. Your words are so exquisitely beautiful; raw, and deep and touching. full of emotion, and life. pain, and overcoming. truth, and lies. a chill ran down my spine; something that only happens when i listen to or read something truly beautiful.

    you have so much talent, and don't you ever forget it. (and i recognize the name on that package. ;) i am currently working on your Christmas present.)

    love you bunches, darling friend. let's chat again soon, m'kay? xoxoxo

  12. I can't add much to what's already been said, but thank you- it is so beautiful, and I needed it!

    xxx madison

  13. Love your writing- you are incredibly blessed with that amazing skill. Love your playlist- it's awesome.

  14. this is beautiful! and i love the photos. xox