Jun 12, 2013

oh, hodgepodge. vol ii.

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of late // 
+ we went camping this past weekend {if by camping you mean staying inside a thoroughly warmed, "luxurious," fifth wheel with hot, running water and roasting marshmallows without a camp fire [good o'le butane lighters!] - then yes, we went camping}.
+ how much does it say of me that I completely and hopelessly forgot to pack my toothbrush, but definitely remembered Mr. Pond? yeah, I supposed the same. *sheepish grin*
+ I'm starting to catch myself saying, "eh?" a lot, and I find it rather funny since I haven't watched a canadian in a very long while.
+star trek into darkness was absolutely phenomenal. [so good I saw it two times ;)] and of course for one obvious reason: benedict cumberbatch. ohmygoodness al;jfdlkasjf;ljsdaf. I loved him to begin with, but but but but - he just left me speechless!!!!! it's one of those things that hurts so much because you can't completely properly describe in words [or actions] how absolutely marvelous something/someone is. just watching him act on the big screens was an absolute treat n' a half. just his voice - gaaaah. and khan's hair! so different from sherlock's curly locks. okay, I suppose, I could ramble all day about him, so I'll stop [for now].
+ need to cry for a play on cue? listen to les miserables music, minutes before going on stage. but timing is key importance as results are instant.
+ did I mention before how absolutely marvelous BC was in star trek, yeah? *smiles*
+ I am ruing over that Doctor Who is completely done for awhile yet, until November and am torn between excitement and melancholy as my dear eleventh doctor will be regenerating in the Christmas special. how Moffat tangles our emotions, eh?
+ yesterday was my last homeschool graduation/promotion ceremony. it was a bit bittersweet, I'll admit. there are many families I will miss dearly. however, upon entering in my last year of high school and being one of the eldest in our homeschool group [not to mention one of the last of the original group], we are going to skip graduation next year and fly out to the sunny eastern side of the states for my A Beka graduation. *eeep!* how different it shall be to talk about teachers with fellow students. *smiles* ya'll are invited by the way to Pensacola next year. ;)
+ I can't sing soprano. I just can't. nope. and so, the question is now...how on earth am I going to sing in this play?!!!  
+ I kind of did a squealish happy dance, when I discovered that my two good friend through this reenactment were pronounced whovians + sherlockians. [the things that get me excited, I tell ya!] and all evening between singing my friend and I kept jotting quotes down {since we were supposed to be singing and hadn't any time to chat} as fast as our fumbling hands could write. 
+ after two hours of prepping + cooking + having a row with my blender + accidentally putting too much salt in the blender + then not adding enough salt in the blender and having to fetch some more basil + having another row with the cooking appliance = I finally made homemade pesto with basil used from my garden. 
[take a peek at my creation].
from a fellow fangirl 

postscript: I dearly want to host another Sherlockian/Whovian Wholockian Google Hangout get-together again soon, and would like to add as many of you, pretty lady fangirls, as I can. friend me on G+ here, if you would like to be updated on times as to when that will be this summer [aiming for late June/early July]. ;) 
p.s.s. I can't really remember, but did I mention how brilliant BC is? *smiles* 


  1. OHMYGOSH. YOU DO THE ABEKA VIDEOS TOO!?!?! woah. #mindblown. That is so exciting, in the last couple of weeks I've actually been considering going to college there. It's something I never thought about until it kinda fell into my lap a couple of weeks ago. I agree with you, the teachers are amazing. And ironically, I just finished the same thing with my homeschool group. Most of my friends aren't going to be coming back next year, and I won't be able to attend either. It's bittersweet because we had so many good times there, and now it's ending and we are all growing up and starting to find our wings. and that pesto looks amazing. I am growing basil too. In the next week or two I should be able to use it. I am extremely excited about it because I don't have much of a green thumb (last year my seeds refused to sprout. whoops) but this year it's growing splendidly and I am extremely proud of my efforts. ;) now let's just see how long I can keep it alive.
    ugh. I am just rambling on... your photos are lovely as always, dear. and seriously. how is your penmanship so beautiful!?!
    xx. marcia

  2. I just love your journal! Creative...and love the photos!

    ~Hannah Diane

    Also, I have several point to make:

    1) the Lea Mis soundtrack = *squeals* OH my gosh YES. I have a rather big music exam next Monday so I've been trying to think about what music tonkiaten to before the exam to bolden and rejuvinate me before I step I to the exam room. And you, dear Grace, made me incredibly happy upon your mentioning of that -because hopefully Les Mis it is!

    2) Saying 'eh' makes you seem so much more brilliant, for some reason. It's such a Dickens-like thing to say (and I adore Dickens).

    3) your pictures are edited and composed 110% beautifully; I simply LOVE them!!

    4) okay okay okay now I desperately want to see the new Star Trek film.

    That's all. :))

    xx Acacia

    PS excuse any grammatical errors and what-not - I'm typing this out on the family iPod. ;)

  4. yes yes yes yes. I want to see Star Trek Into the Darkness so badly! And I've never seen any of them. I wonder why...*wink*

    I will definitely participate in another Wholockian chat if I can! That last one was so much fun.


    1. So...I saw this. I don't know if you've seen this pattern yet, but it reminded me of you. *smile*

    2. I have seen similar patterns, if not the same one; but I fear, I am SO far from being advanced enough to knit them. ;'( hopefully someday I shall! there was also a Tardis shawl that I should like to try my hand at, when/if I ever get the money to make it {for myself *wink*). xx

  5. Love your toes in the first pic!!<3 And I LOVE your journal!!!

  6. Sweet blessings in life... it's the simplest ponderings, activities, and words that bring one the greatest joy. Your trip down to our sunny state sounds exciting, and I can understand the bittersweet moment of moving on... cherish this last year with all your heart! ♥ Oh, and your handwriting is gorgeous, to say the least... so graceful and lovely!


  7. everything you do is lovely.

    i haven't been here in a while, Grace, and I've had the privilege of knowing you since your earliest beginnings in the blogging world. and now look at you. <3

  8. I love your posts so much!! And your Wholock references always make me so happy inside.
    Haha!! A row with your blender?! :P
    YES YES YES!!! We need to do another tea date (I promise I won't drug the tea unless it's for something important... like an experiment) because I just watched Sherlock again this week & I need someone to talk to who understands my feelings.


  9. Haha, I'm just sitting here wondering what in the world all this means-- I'm not a fangirl (yet) unfortunately. But I DO know you'll be perfect in the play that I want to see SO bad. And I know exactly how blenders go kapeesh on you during the most inopportune moments. I love you to death, missy.
    Talk to you soon!

  10. Whoooaaaa. Your journal is literally BEAST. (also - what in the world? why do I not follow your blog?!)

  11. Haha thats the best type of camping :)

    Ahhh I want to see Star Trek!!!! And really, there's only one reason. BC ;) Just saw him and Hiddleston in War Horse, and they were so good :)

  12. Benedict was amazing in Star Trek!! *smiles* I actually cried when he was talking about his family and all that... [only he could achieve that] and your pictures are so very lovely!

  13. Lovely post and photos! ;)


  14. I love the picture of your journal Grace! So pretty! It just makes me want to get a Smash Book and get creative and crafty as well! :) As for the Google hangout, I'd love to be a part of it, as you probably already know I'm quite a Sherlock fan, ;) so please let me know when you are planning on hosting it and I'd love to make it if possible! :)

  15. Love the journal picture...you have gorgeous handwriting!

    -Leah Kathryn