Jun 15, 2013

secret garden...

 photo TheSecretGarden-20.jpg
during the rest of the year, I feel my soul slumber,
trudging through monotony. 
but somehow in the summer,
(especially in the garden)
a spark is lit. a melody is sung. everything becomes poetry. 
in the wisps of the morning air
in the quiet spills of eventide
I am gently reminded of the stark difference
between living 
and being indescribably
 photo TheSecretGarden-3.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-7.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-8.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-13.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-6.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-9.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-4.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-18.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-15.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-21.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-12.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-14.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-19.jpg
 photo TheSecretGarden-17.jpg
across the lane, is a fence -
quite an ordinary fence at first glance. 
but there is a purpose in the truth of 
always look again, for
within its grasp lies a spot o' earth where succulents grow in every nook and spindly tendrils of wisterias flourish wild amidst the verdure. 
greenery tumbles down the terraces, like words stumble down paragraphs. 
a fountain bubbles cheerily, and little oddities serve different purposes: a tea cup for seeds and a bright blue teapot nobly brims with cheerful yellow blooms.  
in the morning, light splashes airily on the blushing peach-tinted roses 
while in the evening, 
crickets strum their lullaby 
and the cats dream contently in the attic. 

xx | the girl {in her neighbor's} garden


  1. How lovely! My garden's a bit of a mess at the moment, and half of it isn't growing as well as I'd hoped. We've got so many outside projects going on that it's not very relaxing being out there, seeing everything that still needs to be done. But not too long till we'll be finished and it'll be a splendid place to go out and sit, book in one hand, a nice cuppa in the other. :)

  2. Your posts are always so relaxing, along with your pictures. your photography has reallly improved! do you still have the same camera? what do you edit pix with? :)

    1. thanks, dear! yes...it has rather improved, eh? :D I edit with Lightroom 4 and shoot with my original Nikon D3100. ;)

  3. This makes me want to be indescribably ALIVE. I think I'll go do that.

  4. simply magical; I felt like I was walking through a time capsule. :)


  5. Wow. Every one of these is so perfect! Wow. Nothing could be better Grace dear!

  6. I love the thought of gardening, however my brother, not i, inheirited the better green thumb. i can however grow flowers quite well. it's so relaxing. i love your pictures too.
    do you mind me asking what presets you use? vsco by any chance?

    1. hi, love!
      thanks so much, deary. your kind words warmed my heart. I have posted a link to the presets somewhere on my blog {as an appreciation towards the producer of the presets}, but personally, I don't really like to disclose what I use. sadly, vsco is out of my funding that is usually put towards craft supplies. *wink* I hope you understand and thank you for the interest! xx

  7. I'm in love. That garden. Oh my gosh. THOSE SUCCULENTS. And the cat! This is probably the most perfect garden I've ever seen. And your pictures, darling, get better and better.
    I love you so much.
    (like to the moon and back a million and one times and then some)

  8. soooo beautiful.
    peaceful and serene. what a beautiful garden, too!
    -your fellow sherlockian ;) :)

  9. This piece fits these photos perfectly. Well done!

  10. You have no idea how happy these made me for some odd reason. The title itself already drew me towards this post, I was in a production of "The Secret Garden" musical the last two months and I just really fell in love with the story. What a perfect title for a perfect post.

  11. This is so beautiful, your pictures are wonderful and your words are inspiring. I wish I had a garden half as inspiring as the one you have described above. But I suppose I can just read your sweet words and dream of my own someday. I always love your posts, this one was just stunning.
    Blessings ~ Racahel Hope