Oct 23, 2012

oro de octubre.

when it comes to some specific things that press at my mind, it seems like I cannot bring such feeble talent under command to portray the simplest of the vivid descriptions that I hold most dear. like how I like to watch the world toss and turn outside my window whilst I nestled cozily under my quilts, enveloped within the safety my side of the glass provides. like how much I relish the first breath after the storm, the petrichor {the smell of the rain on dry leaf-scattered earth} that has diffused through the autumny crispness. how much my spirit flutters when I watch the meandering wind tug at the tips of the only richly-hued tree which turns into an autumny piece of abstract art. how I sigh with pure bliss as I gulp the thoroughly chilled air and listen to the *thudding* of my brown uggs, muffled by the *crunch* of the leaves. how it's like everything changes and "starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"* and it seems like anything - even my faraway dreams - are possible to come true.
the girl in an autumny garden. 
  *quote from The Great Gasby.
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{^^inspired by my dear friend Katie's amazing blog 
that is basically soul food and that you really need to check out like right NOW!} 


  1. This is beautiful, Grace, darling. As always. <3


  2. Isn't petrichor wonderful? I'd never heard that word before, but I've smelled that same smell many times when I wander the woods during or after a good rain. It's intoxicating, and makes me want stay out there forever, regardless of how cold or wet it is, in fact partly because of that...

  3. Ah Grace, your posts always make me so happy. I sent you an email!(:

  4. yes. yes. yes. THIS is beautiful. your words, your photos and in general, YOU.

    xx Acacia

  5. Oh honey... every time you write, my bad days turn in to good days, and okay days turn into beautiful days. You always have the right words. Even when you think you aren't getting it out clearly, you are. Because the aura your words carry is more than enough.
    I love ya.

    p.s. be 'specting something special soon!
    p.s.s. happy it's almost your sweet sixteenth!
    p.s.s.s. to the moon and back.

  6. Autumn is the best, isn't it? Oh, and your descriptions are book-worthy, dear friend. Which is definitely a talent. ;)


  7. You used the word "petrichor"!

    1. Yes, I did. And I was kind of proud myself for including that word. :D

  8. Happy Birthday, Grace dear!! I pray this year will be fabulous, and that you will continue to grow in the Lord and the things He has for you. You are such a blessing to so many people, especially me. :)



  9. Nice quote and photos Grace! :)

  10. Such a sweet blog! Lovely quote and photos. X