Sep 20, 2012

more moments.


I think there should be more afternoons reading a book in an inglenook moments,
more journal writing moments,
more letter writing moments,
more watercolor evening moments,
more autumn enjoying moments,
more baking of treats moments,
more poem-writing moments,
more gazing-out-the-window moments,
more daydreaming moments,
more knitting a scarf moments,
more apple picking moments,
more twirling in skirts moments,
more country dancing moments,
more singing at the top of your lungs moments,
more talking with friends moments,
more making a small gift with great love moments,
more moments to take the time to love the beautiful world in which we live.

don't you agree?

the girl in the garden.

postscript :: I apologize for the last post which I accidentally published it. To be sure, you'll be wanting an explanation, but I shan't be letting the cat out of the bag so soon. ;)


  1. you wish for simple and beautiful moments.:)

  2. AGREED, wholeheartedly. Gah, wait, what? I demand an explanation... as much as one can demand from behind a computer screen. ;)

  3. And more chatting with friends who haven't had internet in too long moments, yes?

    Love you and your blog, my dearest girl.

  4. yes yes yes. agreed.
    I'm writing your letter tonight!

  5. Oh, my, yes. So many moments fill autumn days and I love them all.


    p.s. I am eagerly waiting to find out what exactly you accidently posted.

  6. All are my favorite things to do... but I have very little time for them anymore, with school. I can't wait for break, when I'll be able to them, a little bit, along with all my other obligatory art projects.

  7. I totally agree with you. There are too few really-living-life moments. Beautiful post! :)

  8. This is sooo true! I agree wholeheartedly! And I'm sooooooooo happy you're posting again, my dear!!!

    ~Camille M.