Sep 15, 2012

i wish that plant life would grow all around me, so I don't feel dead anymore.

[lake tahoe | summer | 2012} 

sometimes revelations are revealed to you subtly, and sometimes it's like you've been slammed into a brick wall. those are the strange moments when the curtain has been lifted, and everything makes sense {for once}. and it seems those "aha" moments come to me when I listen to some of my favorite songs...

I have come to realize something - I've been lying to myself. {gee, Grace that is a little bit harsh!} yeah, well, it's true. when I said I was, "taking a step back," from my blogging, it was really just an excuse to hide. hide from the blogging world that had become to ravenous and blood-thirsty in my eyes; a world who I thought was ready at every moment to pounce at my throat, pointing out my little typos within my post and setting the standard I knew I couldn't reach. so why even try? 

you could never write something as perfect. you could never take a photograph so lovely nor edit it so nicely. you could never be the 'perfect' everybody wants to be like you blogger.... 

I began to shrivel up inside as these thoughts, although subtle, swirled in the back of my head.

and so I waited. 

I took a step back but instead of breathing...
I held my breath.

[spring | 2012]
I starved the artist inside me, and I became even more frustrated. whilst I watched life trickle by, I was longing for inspiration to just basically "hit me" over the head. I was longing for the day I would be able to log onto my computer and write the most provoking blog post; I was waiting for the day words would melt easily together to form captivating sentences; I was waiting for the motive to pick up my camera capture jaw-dropping photographs; I was waiting. 

but now, I want to stop waiting and t r y
{via pinterest} 

my desire is to not necessarily find my voice, but be molded into the person that God wants and created me to be. I can't say I will post a blog post every other day. I can't say that every post will be whimsy, dreamy, "picture perfect." I can't say that everything I type will make sense at the moment. but I will be comforted to know that everything I put into this lil' garden o' mine, has been from the heart.

thank you for your patience, lovelies. you are all the best readers anybody could ask for. ;)

the girl happy to be back in her garden.   


  1. My dear, this is so honest. I know that it must have been hard to realize this first of all much less to write it in a blog post, and for that I thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you try and succeed.


  2. i love this post, Grace! :)

  3. This is truly one of the most inspiring posts I have ever read. :) Grace, I admire your honesty in your words, and I hope that you will become the person that God wants you to be. Stay strong in the Lord!

  4. I love this, Grace! go for it - and I can't wait to read all your new posts :)

  5. It is difficult putting yourself out there for random people to scrutinize. Just know that there are more people that enjoy what you write than criticize it, and after all, it's more important to encourage those people than please the negative ones. Hope you keep writing! -From a fellow Grace

  6. So good to have you back, dear. :)
    I know, the blogging world can get pretty attention-based, so to speak. Everyone is scraping around for attention from more popular bloggers, hoping that maybe they'll be noticed one day. It's selfish, but I guess that's because of the sin in this world. It's definitely not says, I've begun to realize! But once you get the right mindset, it becomes a lot more fun, no?


  7. What a lovely post! Thank you for being so honest. I always thought your blog was so very nice and soothing. Your posts are inspirational and I really do love your photography! Keep up the good work. <3



  8. I am so happy to have you back! I can say that you make my life a little prettier and more inspiring just by writing blog posts.

  9. Grace!!! This was so beautifully written- and so relatable. You inspire me, my dear, and I am so glad the goose is back in her garden.

    On another note, I just wanted to tell (in case my Skype messages didn't get to ya) that we shan't have Internet for a bit-- new house, you see. I am writing from our phone :-)

    I love you to death, dearie.

  10. See that number on your sidebar? 389 people like your blog and you! Don't be discouraged Grace! You have a lovely blog! :)

  11. hi grace :) im so glad that you're back. you really have inspired me to keep writing. your post about the revolution to blog authentically has really inspired and touched me :) thank you so much for being honest and real. and i agree with shelley :) lotsa people do like your blog grace so keep writing... bless you :)

  12. ah darling. this is beautiful. I really feel where you're coming from as I've been there SEVERAL times. so glad you've found your voice and are posting again!