May 30, 2012

stepping out // the real me.

hello, my darling reader! please, do sit down, have a cup o' tea whilst I tell something that has been needed to say awhile ago... 

I know I have probably bored you to death with all these posts relating to "being authentic" and "showing the real me" and perhaps, some of you don't actually believe my attempts are in fact noble. but let me tell you that these past few weeks have been really eye-opening to me. indeed, there was a bit of hurt and a few tears involved, and a couple of nights that I never thought the sun would rise in the morning; however, thankfully, there were friends who I could shed a few tears on their shoulders, and His faithfulness and promises that encouraged me to continue blogging...something that I had/have seriously considered to stop.

anywho...I'm "stepping out," reavealing the true me {didn't I say that already?}. I'm going to tell you things that I have been too scared to tell to my blogging audience, but now that we are "bosom friends" I suppose I should spill it all out...
{^^disclaimer, not my image} 

{one} I like psych {and Monk}. it's one of my favorite TV shows...a little inappropriate content within, but through Biblical spectacles, we can look past the bad and pick out the good, right?

{two} I really want to include more quirkiness into my blog...I have found myself more than once say, "I am so weird." but I've always been self-conscious about this - yet now I'm stepping out and saying, "yes, yes I am," and I think if I include this more into my aspect of my blog, then it'll show a little more of me.

{three} fashion. alright, here's an iffy subject, wait for iiiiiiiiiiit...I wear pants and shorts {burmudas, not those practically-under clothes-type-of-shorts} and sleeveless tops and dresses. no, I don't have a conviction to wear just skirts and dresses, although I much prefer wearing those because I feel more like a girl. :) but here's the's hot hot H.O.T. here in the central CA, and as long as the outfit isn't showy, I'm okay with sleeveless tops and shorts.

{four} unedited photos. PicMonkey, doesn't work for me, and I'm attempting to try to figure out Gimp. until then, there's going to be a few unedited photographs, so be patient with me. :)

{five} time. I probably will not update my garden entries as much as I used to. I appreciate the 390 faithful followers who have stuck by me throughout this whole transition, and from the bottom of my heart I give my thanks. you all have been so encouraging and just wonderful really.

the key to good blogging is accepting yourself, and until you can do that, nobody else is going to take you seriously. so that's what I'm going to do...I am truly going to reveal who I am, even if it takes awhile for me to embrace this "new Grace" myself. but I need your help as well...being a true friend to somebody means to accept them for who they are, no matter what. some things I publish in the future you might not see eye-to-eye with, might not like...I mean, 'common, one of my best friend's and I can't agree on ANYTHING {I should write a post on that sometime, Miss J *smile*}, but yet, we are still the best of friends. so, I hope this still means that you and I will always be faithful friends, and you will continue to stop by to linger amongst the wildflowers.

with love,
the girl in the garden.
postscript :: I am starting a new little prayer journal, and I was wondering if you would like to send in prayer requests and I would love to tuck them into my journal. {please e-mail them to me separately}.
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  1. thank you for posting #1, 2, and 3. I can really identify with them! we're not all perfect and our blogs should reflect our funny little quirks and interests, not just the glamorous parts of our lives.
    and of course I wouldn't unfollow your blog! I can't wait to get to know the new Grace :)

  2. great post, gracie!! I'm so looking forward to learning more about you. ;)


  3. Ahhh Psych is my all time favorite show! It's hilarious :)

    Picasa and Photobucket are pretty good for editing photos! They're no Lightroom, but they get the job done!

    I look forward to your future posts :)

  4. This is so great that you have the courage to be who you really are. Definitely inspired me to do the same. Thanks dearie <3
    ps- that letter is coming... yes, yes it is.

  5. I LOVE Psych!! and I am super weird, too. I've just learned to embrace it as you can see if you read my blog. hehe.

  6. This post was no surprise since we discussed all this before! :)

    It's what I am trying to do everywhere... my personal blog... my fashion blog... twitter... facebook... youtube...

    I post what I wanna post and what I love and approve of. If someone has an issue with that, that is THEIR issue, NOT mine!

    Also, I want to be who I am. Not always trying to be spiritual or sound like I have it all together. Just honest and REAL!

    Like that quote says I shared on FB, "I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try & impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don't, it's their loss."

    So go for it girl! Show them the REAL YOU! Show them it's okay to be different.

    When they tell you, "You're WEIRD!", just shoot back, "I'm not weird! I'm just a limited edition!" and let them stare... in respect and amazement.

    You & me~ we are gonna show the world, one day, that WE ARE INCREDIBLE! Or maybe we have already showed them ;)

    Love you!!!! Ready to turn the world on it's ear?!?! Yeah??? ***holds out hand*** THEN LET"S DO IT!!!! ****confetti & whooping****

  7. Lovely post, m'dear! I've been praying for your recently, every since your last post. I am *so* *so *so* glad that you are not going to stop blogging!
    I am looking forward to hearing more about the new/real Grace!


  8. great post, Grace. I know I have felt the same way; sometimes it is hard to be who you really are; people influence you, different styles influence you {meaning us all}; everything we see, if it is admired is (sometimes) copied. i have always thought your blog so very original; sweet, and unique. :) thank you for being an example to all us gals. :)

    Mikailah @ Maid For Him

  9. Girl, you are awesome! I love when people write about who they truly are. I applaud you for doing so. And I wear shorts and sleeveless tops all the time too ;) summer would be uncomfortable if I didn't wear clothes like this. :-) I'm praying for you sweet friend.
    Psych is a great show! I haven't seen very episode but I enjoy watching it. :) can't wait to read more about the new/real Grace!

  10. I love this so much! I love authentic blog posts.

    One thing about me some people don't know is that I am VERY opinionated. LOL! :-)

    Again, great post :) Thanks sooo much for stepping out & courageously sharing this! God bless you!
    p.s. I love dresses too.

  11. I thinks it can good to be "weird" as long as it means uniqueness which is definitely what you seem to be aiming for. I struggle simply to be unique as I have not a creative or original drop in me it feels like.

  12. Don't worry Gracie girl!
    Just be yourself and everything else will follow suit.

  13. Good for you!
    I think it's okay to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts as long as they don't look like denim underwear:)
    I can't wait to read more of "the real you" posts!

  14. I love Psych!!!! And Monk is soooo funny. I watched Bones for awhile, and I really enjoyed that show. But I stopped watching it because it had a lot of inappropriate content.

  15. I love that you are embracing your quirkiness - we all have it somewhere in us, it's up to us to decide what we want to do with it. :)
    I totally understand pants, short, and tank tops! I mean, down south, we can't exactly "survive" summer without them. :D
    I have found Picasa3 the best free photo editing program. You should be able to download it on the internet.
    I will read your blog, Grace, as long as you have it up, because I like YOU, not just your posts. <3

  16. Great post! Good for is so important to be who the Lord made us instead of trying to be someone we aren't. Oh, and do remember, dear that the truest of friends are those who love you for how the Lord made you and desire for you to be the radiant light the Lord has made you to be. ;) Have a lovely day sweet friend!

  17. Girl! I am so proud of you! Your little birds the garden fence, I think, are going to enjoy seeing this other side... the raw side that comes from your heart. I love you so much for doing this and can't wait for the posts to roll in ;-)


  18. p.s. I forgot to mention! I learned how to map headers/tabs/whatever on gimp, so... if you need any help in that area, letme know!

    love you!

  19. Oh Grace, this was great! (And I loved Bekah's heartfelt response to it). I felt really... liberated as I was reading. I've been struggling with being 'weird' very much so lately, so this was perfect. God made us who we are FOR A PURPOSE. And we've got to sing Him out in the unique and beautiful way that He created us to show his variety and beauty.

    Luv ya!


  20. I love Pysch, it's probably my favorite too! :) great post grace!

  21. Hello Grace, I just wanted to tell you that I admire you because you are young but strong and talented. I love your blog, it's relaxing and lovely. Blessings,

  22. Love you little sister & SO proud of you!!! I've been SO busy I didn't even get a chance to properly thank you for your sweet gifts you sent! Ugh, I'm sorry about that! They brightened my day more than you will ever know. I'm working on sending more goodies for my authentic sister... so be watching in the next month or so. Love you! Know you can always 'talk' to me when you need to - whether by sending a comment or e-mail. I love you tons! Truly I remember all the struggles to be real growing up - they don't all go away with age either. So, I'm right there with you. Prayers to you, dear sister of mine...authentically perfect in Christ!

  23. Beautiful post Grace! I'm really looking forward to your 'new self' inspired posts! :) And especially when it gets really hot, I don't see anything wrong with wearing shorts and sleeveless tops too.

  24. Just write what God puts on your heart to write, Grace... what you enjoy, and love... it will naturally be authentic, and YOU. There is a quote for C.S. Lewis that really rings true: " man who bothers about originality will ever be original; whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it."
    God bless you, sister, as you keep blogging for Jesus!

    ~Joy @

    P.S. Your blog is pure lovely by the way :).

  25. I know what you mean, I am having a hard time with this too, I have a hard time truly expressing myself. New follower!

  26. Grace, this is a wonderful post. I love your blogging advice and your desire to be authentic. Oh, and I love Monk. :) I'm glad to hear you're still blogging!

    Much love,
    Anne Marie {at} adefinedpurpose.blogspot

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  28. Excellent post, Grace. And hey...I'm weird too!

    You could pray for our move, we have to be out of this farm before the end of August and have no idea where we're going to live. I know God will work it out, but if you could just pray that His perfect will would be done, that would be awesome. :]

  29. This post just made me love you all the more. Thank you for all your honesty, courage, and inspiring words. God bless you, dear sister in Christ! :)

  30. (By the way, I usually dislike automatically-playing music on blogs, but yours was absolute perfection. <3)

  31. aaaawwww...don't feel bad! I love those shows as well, along with Inception, Titanic, etc. I wear pants more often than I do skirts, I like Taylor Swift, country music, tank tops, but I also have a love for Jane Austen, and skirts, and tea, and cooking/baking, and all

    I do know what you mean though. I am afraid to tell everybody that I like Psych and other non-Christian movies, because I'm afraid they will judge me. But, if you think about it, why should we care? If they do judge us, that is *their* problem, not ours. That's actually something I've been learning this year: not caring what other people think of me and just being myself. It has been quite an adventure through many tears and prayers, but *so* worth it. I thought I was alone, but I'm not anymore :). I needed to hear this. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Blessings on your walk with Him,