May 4, 2012

may // spring's crescendo

{all SOOC} 
it starts with a note. 
one note. 
on a white canvas. 
small and insignificant. 
softly and sweetly, quietly it begins. 
'tis but a slight noise, yet the beginning of a masterpiece composed of trills and bases. 
each a separate melody.

amidst the sunshine and blossoms, the trills and twitters, there is a sound. 
softly it began with each delicate bloom, until a crescendo is strummed. 
color bursts onto the white canvas, how small and insignificant it began.
fluttering on wings made of hope and dreams, 
bluer now the sky nears, lovelier the treetops appear
each piece has a melody, each season a crescendo. 
do you stop to listen to the orchestra outside the window? 

purple sunflare // yellow tea roses // breath-taking sunsets // sewing projects // floral wrapping paper // dreams of the future // new life // flea market finds // vintage letters // afternoons at the theatre  
is it a wonder I returned? 
but I have. and I am happy. have a million photographs to share, and stories to tell. 
in that, I'm a bit overwhelmed as my favorite photo editing program shut down, my studies have just realized that 'tis my final quarter and jamming everything they didn't seem to "have time" to fit into this final month, birthday present making, summer agendas planning, and a new blog design that must somehow take place soon. 
and, may has finally graced the calendar. spring's crescendo, summer's prologue. another chapter to be written. 

what flowers have grown in my absence
the girl happy to be back in her garden. 


  1. Welcome back! I will certainly miss your beautiful blog header, but I am so looking forward to seeing whatever you come up with for the new look! :)

  2. such lovely pictures grace! You honestly need no editing program, these are that good! i do recommend it is almost the exact same thing as picnik but i like it so much better!

  3. Thanks Grace,
    I loved your post. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Did you write that poem? I really liked it.

  4. Many things have grown in your absence, I have reached 100 followers, I have an amazing blogger friend pen pal, and I found pik-monkey, a replacement since picnik shut down. It's free, and I like it so much better :). Have a loverly day, I miss your posts :)


  5. Grace! You're back <3 I've missed your sweet posts, and I always feel at home when I visit your blog.

    - Ellyn

  6. So nice to have you back Miss Grace! :) Lovely photos! I just love spring flowers! :)
    ^Narnia bookmark giveaway going on here until May 9th^

  7. Grace, this is beautiful. I love the pictures. <3


    glad you're back, Grace :)

  9. what a lovely homecoming! thank you all, so much!

    @ Sophia and Rosi, yes, I have tried PicMonkey...the only problem is it is SO SO SO slow when I load the edited pictures into my computer...don't know why, but it's starting to grow on me. I'm attempting to learn how to use Gimp, though.

    @ Laura, yes, dear I wrote it and thank you! I'll be writing you an e-mail sorry it's taken me so long to reply. :P

    again, thank you to everyone who has wished me a warm homecoming! I have most definitely missed my little garden. ;)

    love always,
    Grace, the keeper of the garden.

  10. Lovely photos! And the music you have on here is so relaxing! I usually hate music being played on websites, but I love yours :)

  11. Hey Goosey girl!

    So very happy you're back! I loved your (freestyle) poem! It was beautiful m'dear girl.

    Oh! I really suggest photobucket for photo editing... they just updated it and it works SO good.

    Love you!

  12. So glad you are back, dear Grace! I missed you in your absence. :)
    Ah, those pictures. simply stunning.


  13. glad you're back, Grace!! I'm sure we've all missed you, anyway, I know I have!! Lovely photos, btw!!


  14. Wow, those roses are gorgeous! Lovely shots, and I'm son glad you're back :D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  15. Welcome back to your garden, dear girl! I have missed your posts immensely. Glad to see that you have returned, and I am anticipating your upcoming posts. The pictures here are spectacular! And the way your capture the sun's rays--absolutely stunning!

  16. Welcome back, m'dear! I am so excited that you have returned. Lovely flower photos! The sun flare is simply gorgeous.


  17. it's so so good to see you! what GORGEOUS photos of these roses, gorgeous I say!

    Have you heard of Picmonkey? that is a really good replacement!


  18. Have you tried Ipiccy? It works much like Picnik did and isn't too slow...

  19. "...and, may has finally graced the calendar. spring's crescendo, summer's prologue. another chapter to be written."

    that line? just PERFECTION. glad to have you back!

    abbie /// xoxox

  20. i'm on picmonkey now, which is actually really great!

    grace, my dear friend, i will NEVER grow tired of this place. i have so MISSED coming here to read your words and just rest for a time. you are a breath of air, my dear!

  21. Dearest Grace,

    I have missed you immensely during your absence from this little garden! Soooooo happy you're back! The pictures are extremely gorgeous, and your words, absolutely lovely! I hope I see many more posts here in the upcoming future! Love you, sweet girl!!!


    P.S. I hope to get a letter in the mail to you soon. Been super busy. My graduation appproaching speedily (thank you, Lord)!

  22. Oh how lovely your photos are! This is truly a gracious space!

  23. You take the most BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING photos, Grace!!! <3 Care to check out my blog?! <3