May 16, 2012

loving life // chasing dreams.

and I could go...
// running //
// and racing //
// and dancing // 
// and chasing // 
// and leaping //
// and bounding // 
// hair flying, heart pounding // 
// and splashing // 
// and reeling // 
and finally feeling....
>>----now's when my life begins.----> 
I had a dream. it wasn't like ordinary dreams. 'twas merely a "quiet thought" to which my heart pondered whence I lay amongst the day lilies and smelled their sweet perfume. 'twas a hope when divine providence sent a beam of sunshine upon me, a hope that taught me how to truly rely on Him. it became a silent word. a murmured prayer. a desire to which I began to pray about fervently.

joy planted her seed within my heart, but the growth was in soil scattered with pebbles. yet through it all God sent hope to water joy's seed. to nurture and encourage its growth. hope provided roots, and as days went on hope became "the tree of life."

yet time has a way with stealing such joy, by robbing joy's seedling of her beneficial nutrients such as peace and trust and hope...that the small seedling's growth became slow, but through it all God was faithful and sent the little plant, drops of water - whispers of encouragement. it grew. and eventually blossomed into a flower whose beauty I could never have imagined.

all those years watching from the windows
all those years, outside looking in...

"I've been staring out of a window for eighteen years. what if it's not all that I dreamed about?" 
"it will be." 
"and what if it is?" 
"well, I guess that's the beauty of dreams, you get to go find a new one."
~flynn and rapunzel from tangled

all those years waiting and dreaming and praying. and now before my eyes, it's coming true.

I am in awe. this has only been a snippet of God's ultimate plan. so for now, I will continue to dream and pray and hope. for who knows, dreams come true everyday. and mine is just the beginning...

the girl in the garden chasing her dream.
{images via pinteres} 


  1. Beautiful, Grace. I love your writing style, and I can't wait to hear more about this dream of yours! <3


  2. girl, your writing always makes my heart sigh dreamily. that's the best way to describe it. and i am totally in love with this, because I can relate so well. lately, God is showing me that He has been working things out to make my dream come true. isn't He good?

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Grace, you are incredibly whimsical and lovely and pure and thoughtful and, well... overall, just simply wonderful. You and your posts make me sigh with happiness.

    xo || Acacia

  4. ps ...and yes! we are all aching to hear: what is this *dream* of yours?

  5. Now Grace,
    In books I read they leave you haming by a thread of suspence wondering what may unfold in the following chapters. But you can't do this what is happining? can I and the rest of your followers be entrusted with this secret? PLEASE!
    YOUR wondering friend,

  6. So glad you're back from your break! Your posts always make me smile, and the background music you picked out? *sigh* Amazing.

    eve @ essence of eve

  7. Hello, darlings! Thanks you so much for your sweet comments {always amazing as usual, aren't ya?}.

    Unfortunately, I will not be revealing what my dreams are at the moment, as they are slowly but surely unfolding {and things aren't even for certain quite yet}. I will be posting a vlog about it, probably in the near future {probably in July when I'm with a friend. ;)} I hate to keep you in suspense, but I need time to truly be able to explain all in words, and a dream I'm chasing might also have sacrifices as well.

    But for now, I'd appreciate prayers for strength and wisdom. Dreams need to be handled delicately, but oh, how wonderful it is to soar up upon them whence they become reality!!!

    love you all,

  8. This is beautiful, m'dear! The references to Tangled fit so well and I just love them.


  9. Okay. I just LOVED all the references to Tangled! I LLLOOOOVVVEEE that movie! (Calm down, Camille!) I'm glad to hear your dreams are on the verge of coming true. I will be praying for you, as you asked. The Lord is faithful!

    Love you,

    P.S. Your writing is lovely. As always.