Q & A

| what are some of your favorite things? 
kindred spirits that are hard to say goodbye to. lyrics that can evoke nostalgia or soothe an aching soul. the crackling of the remaining auburn blue embers of a bonfires at three o' clock in the morning. honey sunsets sticky with light in the depths of july and singing in the shower after a long day. retrouvailles - reunions that cannot be fully described in words. lists that never make their way into my purse, and cracked journal spines swelling with storytelling. 
but mostly, the overwhelming emotions of feeling fully, purely alive in moments that suspiciously look like ordinary life. oh, and brimming cuppas. always cuppas. 

| what camera do you use? 
I bought a Nikon D3100 with three years of hard savings. 

| what lens do you use? 
18mm - 55mm kit lens. oh, for the day i can get my hands on a 35mm!

| what editing program do you use? 
my dear parents surprised me with Lightroom 4 a few Christmases ago. I use VSCO presets along with presets I found over the internet a few years ago and tweaked to my liking. keep your eyes out for free downloads, if you're like me, and nearly want to tip your computer out the window if you can't develop ones on your own.

| how long have you been blogging? 
sometimes it feels like I have been gardening forever, but from my archives, I suppose it really has only been five short years.  

| where do you live? 
sunny central california is my hometown in a tiny little tuscan villa that you may have to squint on the map to find. when you do it's precisely SMACK {yes, that is a technical term} in the middle of our state's claim to fame :: San Francisco and Los Angeles. i want to do life with you, so stop by in the summertime, we've got plenty o' sunshine and coffee to share. 

| you post a lot about disneyland. do you live really close? i'm going there soon. tips? 
yes, I suppose I live close to disneyland, if a six hour drive is not tedious to you. but as for down the street close, no. sadly, else I would go there a lot more than we do as I would become a disneyland photo essayist. *smile* as for tips, send me a letter and I would gladly send you a lengthy lecture tips we have collected throughout the many years we have gone. ;)

|  what grade are you in? how long have you been homeschooled? 
I am a high school graduate as of may 10, 2014. I was home schooled and used the A Beka DVD program ever since Kindergarten. as of fall of 2014, I began my college career at Pensacola Christian College in Florida.

| want to swap addresses? 
I would very much like to become more acquainted with my readers, and letter writing is one of my most favorite of pastimes. however, life as of late has proven to be extremely busy {like one day it's monday and the next it's friday again}, and then one day I didn't know if I was going to a city college and the next it was decided that I'm going to Florida! - but be a dear and send me a e-letter or email as these modern young people call it, and I will get back to you on that. ;)

more questions? comment below, and I'd be most happy to answer.

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  1. what lens do you use? I have the nikon d3100 as well :)