Jul 16, 2015

i like you a latte // lavender lattes

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if you know me, you know i'm a lavender addict. i mean, since harvesting and drying it at a young age, i have lived up to my nickname of "the lavender girl." one of the best things we ever did when we landscaped our backyard {when i was like five?} was plant a lavendula grosso bush.

as much as i adore the scent {that makes me dream of adventuring in France}, i have always been a bit hesitant when working with culinary lavender. because of its strong, pungent aroma, using too much in recipes can result in a rather soapy, perfume-y taste. trust me, lavender cupcakes didn't turn out too well {got carried away by my lavender frenzy}. but when i saw this recipe for lavender lattes on pinterest, i knew i had to try my hand at it. i was delighted to discover that lavender syrup is ridiculously easy to make {it's fantastic in homemade lemonade too} and the lavender-ness can be adjusted to your liking.

our town's annual lavender festival was this past weekend. while everyone's spending $5 on lavender lemonades, i was content perusing the booths with my mason jar filled with this sweet coffee lavender loveliness. :) 

starbucks, i love ya, but i'd take a homemade lavender latte any day. 
xx || the lavender girl


  1. That looks so delicious...I never knew that lavender could be used as an ingredient.

  2. Lovely pictures! I had lavender + coconut + blueberry lemonade once, but I couldn't figure out what was in it at first. As I am up for anything in coffee, I will have to try this!

  3. That looks amazing! I've never heard of using lavender in drinks, but it sounds amazing!

  4. Mmm yess. This is absolutely divine. You have such a whimsical, precious, tantalising eye for photographing beauty.

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