May 1, 2014

in which i played a song for you because you were on my mind.

of late, i've been thinking of all the songs we listen to and how easily i bump into you when they are reeling in my mind. i think of us playing a duet or two in the summertime - you at your grand piano playing "into the west" or "wishing you were somehow here again," and i will no longer feel this void of missing. i played this song last night because you were on my mind, as you always are. i hope sometimes you spare a thought for me too. 

ever since I watched "The Sign of Three" {the second episode of the third season in the BBC life-ruining telly show "Sherlock"} and heard the world's most brilliant consulting detective play this sweet waltz at John and Mary's wedding, I knew I had to get my hands on the music and learn it. 
after quitting violin lessons last year, my musical interest has lingered, and i have not practiced faithfully [or even at all for that matter]. i am always a bit reluctant to record pieces and share with the blogging world, because it makes me feel vulnerable. after all, there are SO many of you who are far better players than i ever will be. 

the piece above is far from perfect, but it reflects my imperfect heart. and for the first time in a very long while, it's starting to breathe music again.

piano? violin? cello? lute? what is your musical outlet?



  1. I just picked up my violin last week for the first time in forever (I couldn't help the Frozen reference...) and played some Les Mis songs, nice slow songs without much shifting to 3rd or 5th position involved. I admire you for recording this and posting it, dear! I love it, imperfections and all.

  2. It sounds lovely! :) I've played piano since I was about 17 years now? (Wow, that makes me feel old.) I used to play all the time, but unfortunately over the past couple of years I've hardly played at all. I guess reading and knitting take up too much of my extra time.

  3. my dear, this is lovely! xx.

  4. This is just beautifully brilliant. I can only play a tad bit of guitar -- maybe one day I'll be able to play it like you play the violin. ;)

  5. This is superb... I'm listening to it as I type no and can not help but fall in love with your playing. My musical outlet? Piano all the way. :) I have a biggg piano exam at the end of this month (prayer please??) :) so I've been doing extra practice (2 hours+ per day) lately.