Apr 12, 2014

the girl on fire.

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x. open your heart wide enough, and you would reap pain. 
ix. she learned not to be vulnerable in loving people. 
viii. then, out of nowhere, here you came. 
vii. the defenses surrounding her crumbled to dust. 
vi. you built a flame in her. 
v. she gave you her trust. 
iv. this is her heart. 
iii. look at her. 
ii. she's on
i. fire. 
a poem made up of ten lines.
poems within themselves.
same number of words per line.
one || two || three 
*inspired by the phenomenal movie catching fire. 


  1. mm, darling. this is beautiful. absolutely beautiful. :) you always inspire me - and you remind me why i love blogging so much. love you more than you know.
    xx / Pond

  2. This is so lovely. I think you've inspired me to try writing a poem of the same type. Thank you

  3. This is fantastic. I really kinda love it. ;) (And Catching Fire, too, of course, though I haven't seen the movie yet. ;)

  4. I love your poem. I just might use this idea. *smile*


  5. oh man. i love this. it all goes together so well!
    and i love the first frame.