Apr 22, 2014

"i have written you down. now, you will live forever."

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I can't say the words, 
so I wrote you into my verse 
now you'll live through the ages...
I have written you down. now, you will live forever. 

// poet || bastille || 

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she'd never tell you why she liked the word
b r a v e
  (the connotation evoked the feeling she desperately wanted: 
                                         a l i v e n e s s).

she'd never tell you why she always wore
b l u e
 (it reminded her of the ocean whose tides ebbed and flowed and
                r   a   g   e   d
                                    inside h e r) .

she’d never tell you why her disposition was 
n o c t u r n a l 
 (the moon always made her feel a little less lonely
  knowing there were a few certain people loving her to that distance
                                                           & b a c k).

she'd never tell you why her soul craved to write in
                 f r e e  ||  v e r s e
   (she knew that's how memories would never have the opportunity to escape
    and that you would never ever be able to 
                                                                        l e a v e).
++ entries from these past few weeks, containing words on english dances, day excursions, pensive moods, bit of mail, quotes, & thoughts on love and life. 
postscript // say "au revoir" to lottie. starting may 1st, I'm beginning my summer journal. :)


  1. okay, i give up. that's it. i'm done. no, really. i don't think you really realize how talented you are, darling. you are dang talented. this is so fantastic, it makes me slightly jealous of yours skills. (okay, very jealous of your skills. ;) ) and you, m'dear, are a poet. where do you find all those fantastic quotes for your journals? ahh, they make my heart ache, and thrill at the same time. in short, you are incredible. you are oh-so talented, and beautiful and i love you ever so much. xoxo

  2. Oh Grace this is simply divine. Your words make me crave beauty. <3 xx

  3. Your creativity inspires me so much! I love your journals. ❤ Do you start with a premade journal then add your own bits and scraps of paper and other items?

    1. Thank you, dear! So glad Lottie serves as some inspiration. ;) I do start with pre-made journals, usually from the "boygirlparty" company {she can be found here:https://www.etsy.com/shop/boygirlparty?section_id=5252167&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1 <<< and a few of her journals can usually be spotted in Barnes and Nobles}. My summer journals have been collected from other people; for instance, Molly was purchased in a stationery shop down in LA. :) Hope this helps! Thank you again for the kind words.

  4. Your journals are so gorgeous I can't even handle it. You're a master, my dear.

  5. You really are talented. All the pictures you take are breathtaking and everything you write is just so beautiful! You are so eloquent!
    P.S. You have really pretty handwriting!

  6. you diaries are beautiful! :)


  7. So beautiful, Grace! Yes, start your summer journal May 1st! Summer should official begin then!

  8. Thanks for sharing your journal. I love it! So much inspiration.

  9. You are so creative!!! I so wish that I had your book! I just love the poem at the end... b e a u t i f u l

  10. beautiful writing (& that song -- definitely my lyrical crush currently)

  11. Simply beautiful!! I'd love to see more posts of your journal. The pages are all so inspiring!

  12. So very beautiful, grace!! I am filled with inspiration by your words and your journal. you are crazy talented. I love you so much and I feel so ridiculously blessed that I get to know you and call you friend. snowman hug from Germany, and we need to chat as soon as I come back || Amelia