Oct 16, 2013

these october days.

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||| all stills & typography taken with my iphone using vscocam + studio + osmo leaker ||| 
autumn here in cali doesn't burn fiercely, it slips. one day summer makes up her mind to walk out - but more frustrating than that is the time it takes for her to make up her mind. even now, the trees know it's time for change, but the weather is a bit more reluctant, stubbornly staying 80 degrees. even the wind dies down amidst the hills. 
october settling in my bones comes with a mixture of feelings. delight, anticipation, but also learning and letting go and a heap of heart-ache. expectation, more so. maybe it's the zenith of the seasons. maybe we are all summer - we come passionately and fade as quickly as autumn. we fade from each other, and i almost believe that autumn reveals to us truths of honest colors. just as the leaves reveal their true colours and the dying pleas of the quivering tips tell their seasons. if you listen, you'll find worlds you don't want to let go of..
maybe people are the same too. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
anticipating:: tent city, disneyland trip, my birthday 
listening to:: bastille || lumineers || & this 
writing to:: katie jothis kindreda bella ragazza, and a finder of beauty
brewing a cuppa:: strawberries n' cream tea || nostalgia
watching:: person of interest, the paradise, agents of shield
reading:: anne of avonlea
loving:: storms, a reminder that even nature has bad days.
firsts :: first time putting my hair up in a high messy bun || first time liking it.  
to-do:: write 17 love letters to leave on my 17th birthday
trying:: iphoneography 
antique adventuring :: found this kodak beaut for only $6 
eating:: pumpkin - everything || apple fritter toast 
cooking:: comfy vegetable cheddar soup  
quoting:: "to love is to be vulnerable. love anything and your heart will be wrung." cs lewis
"there is a crack in everything; that is how the light gets in." leonard cohen
loving:: typography || instagram || my new iphone {yay for being addicted to technology} 
learning:: german. || inhale. exhale. || live your life in the whole. || let it go. it's not worth it. 

it's been a long time since i asked, and i really wanna know: 
what have you been up to, lovely? 
postscript :: wish me luck, darlings! i'm coming home with an acting award this year. and not simply a figurative one.*smiles* 


  1. oh, i just love your pictures. so pretty. happy birthday (soon?) wish you all the best! im so sorry you don't have such a cool fall as i do in washington (state). that lewis quote is one of my favorite- it's so true! (oh, and as for me i just got back from the most fun/ convicting/ encouraging family conferences...if you really wanted to know :)
    xxx love

  2. That sounds lovely.
    If you really want to know i'm sitting in the dark in my nine year old cousin's bedroom beside a sleeping mother and brother as we got evacuated from our home tonight due to a deadly gas leak. I'm celebrating the birth of a baby, grieving the loss of my person, stressing out about daily life and writing till i'm sane again.
    I'm also writing to Katie Jo - isn't she wonderful?

  3. it seems that october will be a beautiful month

  4. Your iphoneography is lovely!! Aren't vsco cam & osmo leaker simply the best?! And congrats on your new iphone, btw. :)
    We have some lovely fall colours right now. Wish I could send you some. <3

    p.s. it's almooost November! and that makes me both happy & sad.

  5. beautiful pictures and words, grace. i love when you write these posts up where you share all your current favorites and happenings. :) mind if i write a post like this? :)

  6. I love all your photos! And that song? monday morning by Death Cab? Yeah, that song is awesome.

  7. beautiful pictures and word, grace. you always inspire me. i have loved seeing you grow in your writing and photography. mind if i take this post idea? :)

  8. "one day summer makes up her mind to walk out - but more frustrating than that is the time it takes for her to make up her mind"
    that was how NC was. it went from being like summer to suddenly fall. you explained it perfectly. ;)

    oh! I love writing to you! your letters are THE best! thanks for the mention. :)

    whoop whoop! congrats on the iPhone! I bet you're having SO much fun with it!

    I had a post almost just like this (well, similar) that I had in my drafts and finally posted last night. great minds think alike, eh? ;)

  9. It was awesome meeting you all yesterday! I know you can cross "Disneyland trip" off your "anticipated" list!

  10. your posts always bring a smile to my lips. and I'm so so happy you're writing love letters, dearie.

  11. I love this! The pictures are simply beautiful and your words are lovely. Like always. :) I hope you had a spectacular birthday, dear! Love you to pieces, -Pond.

  12. words can't describe how much i love this post. i love that quote by one of your photographs and the camera is such a find!

    lindsey louise