Jul 22, 2012

my heart will still hear the sweet breeze beckon.

'tis a hushed little thing. elusive and most often times unnoticeable. 'tis but a whisper, a ripple of a murmur.
it caresses and tugs, a sprightly character with playful spirit like that of a kitten pouncing upon the green.  
yet, when disturbed, it rumbles angrily and howls with all fierceness.

amidst the clamor of the city beyond, my heart flutters as it hears the sweet breeze beckon, 
twirling in my little garden, nestled between the glen. the tall structures of stone, impressive as they are, cannot grasp my heart like the sweet moment in the garden savoring the breeze. 

so, although I will travel miles and miles beyond my little glen, into a city made of stone,
 my heart will remain home, 
in the garden hearing the sweet breeze beckon.

until then,
the girl in the garden.    

Jul 21, 2012

let's go on an adventure, darling.

"why hullo there, darling! you ready? let's go! adventure is waiting out there for us, m'dear."  
first, though, we must be prepared. I don't know about you, but I am a prepared packer - no impromptu trips for me thank you very much {unless to Europe that is. wink.} here take this list list of what might be packed... 

{one} our cameras are the first and foremost. we simply must capture each moment with the lens. 

{two} journals. we simply must record in words everyday whilst 'tis fresh in our heads. 

{three} tea is always nice for the evening and/or morning chats. 

{four} books and magazine are lovely to be poured over during the car ride. 

{five} our SMASH books are a must. 

{six} accessories for our SMASH books. 

{seven} some money might be nice for spending. 

{eight} maps are handy, if you want to know how to get where we are going. [or if knowing where west, east, north, and south is enough for you, that's fine as well.]

{nine} make a check list of what you want to do whilst we are away. 

{ten} oh, and bring some clothes if you must. 
{eleven} and last but most definitely not least, your hunger for adventure!!! 

>> TO DO LIST << 
 // get lost somewhere exciting // 
// film a video diary everyday //
// find a photobooth // 
// drink lots of tea // 
// take a swim in the cool glass sea // 
// take at least ten pictures everyday // 
// walk on the beach // 
// SMASH book // 
// record everything e v e r y d a y in my journal // 
L.A., here I come!!!! 

shall you join me? 
Grace, the adventurer.

postscript :: I hope to do something SUPER SUPER SUPER exciting this upcoming week involving a friend, a vlog,and q&a, so stay tuned. ;) 

happy birthday to the old-fashioned girl!

there are many people in life that mean the world to us, yet there are fewer opportunities to express this. a birthday is the perfect time to do so, whether through an elaborate gift or a few typed words. birthdays are not just a celebration of a special someone's life, but a celebration of how dear they are to your heart. and that's what three girls and I want to do to-day for one special young lady whose relationship has blessed our lives immensely...

The day has finally come when my dear friend, Johanna, is turning fifteen. I have known this lovely young woman for over three years. That year was a hard one for me when we started talking...we were switching churches, and I did not have many friends. My sister had been blogging for a few months, and told me about a girl that was a lot like me: Johanna. She showed me her blog, then we starting emailing each other and commenting. I had found a new friend. It was delightful to receive phone calls from Johanna, when we discussed everything from Bible verses to nail polish. We also wrote long letters, and emailed each other frequently. It has been a joy to know you, Johanna!!! I will forever remember all the charming gifts you have sent me, words of encouragement you have given me, and the friendship and love you have shown me. I remember the first time that we video-chatted. I was nervous and excited at the very same time. I had seen photos of you on your blog, and had heard you voice on the phone, but had never felt like I was right there with you until then. We talked and talked, but never ran out of things to say. We shared so many of the same interests and hobbies, that we quickly became good friends. We laughed together, and I recall one time when we shed a few tears and sobs as we talked about family members that did not know the Lord. You have been a big blessing to me, Johanna! I have learned many things from you! I hope that we may one day meet, and share a real hug! I pray that this year you will draw closer to the Lord, and always seek His guidance. 

Happy Birthday

 By: Janel M. Perez
Dance among the ribbons 
of the birthday balloons. 
Smile through the lit candles 
and sing to the classic happy tune. 
Eat the cake of wishes, 
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come. 
Blindly swing at the flying unicorn, 
sending treasures across the lawn. 
Spin among the music and laughter 
in your perfect party dress that's brand new. 
And till next year my darling,
happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday!!! May the Lord immensely bless you!

I love you!


--Miriam from Maidens of Virtue

Dear Johanna,

Happy birthday, dear sweet friend! Even though I have only known you a few short years, I feel like we have been friends forever! I am so thankful for our friendship and I thank God for you! I am so blessed to have such a faithful, godly friend. You are always such an encouragement to me, you can always bring a smile to my face, I always know I can talk with you about anything and know that if I ever share a prayer request, that you will faithfully pray for me. I hope that you will have a most blessed birthday this year and that the Lord would shower you with many blessings!

To My Dear Old-Fashion Girl ~ 

  I can still remember vividly the first time I visited your little corner of the blogging world. my eyes lit up with delight as I read your blog's title "An Old-Fashioned Girl" and even though you barely knew me - somewhere within the depths of my heart - I felt as though I had discovered a kindred soul. I had only wished someday that we might become better acquainted, and I smile as I recall the thirteen year old girl who timidly enquired as to whether or not you would have liked to correspond through letters. would you say yes? would you say, "no, sorry I am too busy," {since after all you were the "popular" girl in my blogging circles}? and then the day came, when you said yes. 

during the years we became more acquainted with each other, were a especially difficult years for me as relationships were changing a little and "growing upishness" overwhelmed me; however I was comforted to know that there was another young lady out there {albeit hundreds of miles away} who shared the same thoughts, emotions, standards - and you were one of the firsts friends who shared the same interests as me.

Three years have passed since I first met you, and m'dear, and words cannot describe how blessed I feel to call you one of my closest and dearest friends. Thank you for being a wonderful encouragement. Your faith inspires many. You are the very picture of how good God is.You are so very dear to my heart.  Know that you are such a wonderful example and blessing to so many around you. ;) 

this is just for you...
May the Lord bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon, be gracious to you and give you peace,
 my dearest friend. 

Love you forevermore,  

~ Your Lavender Friend ~

please do stop by and wish this sweet young lady a happy birthday. I know she will very much appreciate it. 

>> disclaimer, the images above are not my own but were found through pinterest <<

Jul 18, 2012

when the world stood still...

I sat there on the sandy beach - the place that had been "my backyard" for the few preceding days - comforted by stroking the tiny stitches that made up each seam on the patchwork quilt under my fingertips. although the town that we were staying in was not my favorite place in the world, the view before me - at that moment - took my breath away. and I came to love it. the familiar lyrics, "I wish I could make myself believe, that planet earth turned slowly..." in the background tickled my ear. it was at that moment, as the towering trees gently swayed before me and the sun danced on fire on the cove's waters that I felt an indescribable emotion that evoked a pensive feeling of excitement, melancholy, and wonder all at the same time.
 have you ever had a moment where everything looks like it's happening in slow motion? or have you ever read in a book in which the character feels like the world has just stopped? for me, when this wonderful feeling overcame me, it was as though the earth stood still before me but for a moment; and a revelation swam before my eyes {not in images as most revelations are revealed} but thoughts - raw, pure, wonderful, sad thoughts. a thought I only wish I had the talent to capture in words and sun myself in for a very long time.

from my perception, the sun herself was gently slipping below the horizon - a scientific fact proven that the earth {and people on this tiny marble} were moving around the sun; not the "setting" sun moving around us. this simple fact is nothing extraordinary in itself but what a powerful effect it had on me as my world, as I saw it, paused abruptly. "I wish I could make myself believe, that planet earth turned slowly" - but that the sun right then before my eyes was "sinking" was proof that the earth didn't turn slowly. quite the contrary. it was moving at incredible speeds {67,000 miles per hour around the sun to be precise [roughly]} and time herself slipping mercilessly away as quickly as sand in an hourglass. 
I suppose I felt in that moment nostalgia for not only the past but the present and the future - if such an occurrence were possible. nostalgia for the past that can never be re-lived; for that present which was soon to become the past like that of the water's little waves retreating to the depths as swiftly and eagerly as they came to shore; and for the future, unknown but soon the be the present only to slip into the past. 
in fewer words, this little revelation reminded me of something I so often forget...
life is too short to be wasting it away on harboring ill-feelings over trivial matters. life is too precious that it cannot be stressed enough how it must be captured whether through words or photographs. life is so short that it needs to be lived and enjoyed as it is not just a mere line between birth and death, but a blessing that the Lord gave to be enjoyed to the fullest.

the girl in the garden.

Jul 15, 2012

happy moments.

{{ lake tahoe, CA | 2012 | post coming soon...}}

burying your nose into a soft bed of freshly picked pastel roses.
the sudden feeling of running through the lawn barefoot.
the coolness of grass cloaked in evening dew.
the tree outside my window laden with purple fruit.
running my hands through a lavender garden.
quotes pinned to the wall with washi tape.
popping a warm sweet tomato into my mouth straight from my garden.
cooking with fresh basil. 
the scent of peaches at the farmer's market.
the laughter of little children playing in the water at work. 
packing memories into an old suitcase.
dreaming of this time next week.
collecting feathers in my journal. 
when "forever" turns into only but a week away.

 As a result, Anne had the golden summer of her life as far as freedom and frolic went.
 She walked, rowed, berried, and dreamed to her heart's content...
~Anne of Green Gables

summer has been filled to the brim with happy moments as of late. what are a few for you?
the girl in the garden.  

postscript ~ I apologize for not posting as of late. returned from vacation last week only to be hopping from work to play to pastimes to blogging to packing for another trip again. there is not enough time in the day for everything, is there? :) 

Jul 1, 2012

the girls I call sisters.

I have posted about my blogging friends in the past, but what about my real-life friends who I interact with so much, I-could-almost-get-tired-of-seeing-them-but-I-don't-kind-of people?  
>> more than friends. I have known these girls for most of my life {disregard the half year I was away in China, if you want to get technical}. I pretty know where all the silverware is in their house, what their likes and dislikes are, their quirks, the conversation topics that prick their ears, the names of their neighbors, their favorite flavors, etcetera etcetera inside and out. their parents and siblings have been an extension of my own family. growing up next to these two, they've been more than just friends...they've been sisters, and I can honestly say I'm extremely blessed to know them
>> laughter. this is seriously what I love about these girls. they make me laugh not to mention challenge me to make them laugh in return {which doesn't take much, mind you. ;)}. even on days when I'm in a more serious mood, I can't stay that way for long. that's why photoshoots are so difficult with them...we all can't keep a serious face to save our lives. :) 
>> meet "the girls."
// f a i t h // 
a bit quieter from her younger sister, faith is a young lady of many talents of whom I admire greatly. her vision is to someday place her mark upon the filming field and from the snippets of talent she's shown me, I have no doubt she will succeed. when I was younger, faith was always to me "Joanna's older sister" but these past few years, I've been blessed to fondly call her my older sister.  

// J o a n n a // 
she likes modern. I like vintage. 
she likes movies. I like books. 
she likes sci-fi. I like history. 
she likes jeans. I like skirts. 
she likes small family gatherings. I like groups. 
// we are o p p o s i t e s //

but somehow, it works. she's my best friend and we have been so, ever since we were little girls. she's the girl I can share all of my secrets; the girl who I can literally look at the expression of her face and know what she's thinking; and the girl who I argue with the most. I guess that means, we're sisters. 
{via pinterest} 
who are the girls you call "more than friends"?