Jul 21, 2012

let's go on an adventure, darling.

"why hullo there, darling! you ready? let's go! adventure is waiting out there for us, m'dear."  
first, though, we must be prepared. I don't know about you, but I am a prepared packer - no impromptu trips for me thank you very much {unless to Europe that is. wink.} here take this list list of what might be packed... 

{one} our cameras are the first and foremost. we simply must capture each moment with the lens. 

{two} journals. we simply must record in words everyday whilst 'tis fresh in our heads. 

{three} tea is always nice for the evening and/or morning chats. 

{four} books and magazine are lovely to be poured over during the car ride. 

{five} our SMASH books are a must. 

{six} accessories for our SMASH books. 

{seven} some money might be nice for spending. 

{eight} maps are handy, if you want to know how to get where we are going. [or if knowing where west, east, north, and south is enough for you, that's fine as well.]

{nine} make a check list of what you want to do whilst we are away. 

{ten} oh, and bring some clothes if you must. 
{eleven} and last but most definitely not least, your hunger for adventure!!! 

>> TO DO LIST << 
 // get lost somewhere exciting // 
// film a video diary everyday //
// find a photobooth // 
// drink lots of tea // 
// take a swim in the cool glass sea // 
// take at least ten pictures everyday // 
// walk on the beach // 
// SMASH book // 
// record everything e v e r y d a y in my journal // 
L.A., here I come!!!! 

shall you join me? 
Grace, the adventurer.

postscript :: I hope to do something SUPER SUPER SUPER exciting this upcoming week involving a friend, a vlog,and q&a, so stay tuned. ;) 


  1. I hope you enjoy your trip, can't wait to hear all about it. I've been to LA but not as a vacation so I didn't see too much.

  2. Oh let's, darling! Traveling is so much fun, is it not? Have lots of fun in L.A. and try not to drown *winks*

    Goodness-- are inside jokes are piling up, yes?

    p.s. this was such a cute post, dearie!
    p.s.s. YES!!! Do do a vlog!!!

    1. Yes, deary, I shall try not to inconveniently drown {thankfully there would only be ONE [not several] opportunities to do so :P} as if I drowned I should never see you in person {on earth that is} someday. ;)

      You're up to a vlog? There should be plenty of those, but I'm thinking of doing something BETTER - something that calls for a live internet audience *hint, hint.*

      *giggle* yes, I do suppose inside jokes are piling up, m'dear.

      love ya,
      your goosey twin sis.

  3. oh I love this!!! and a vlog?! please do!

  4. I just adore road-tripping. and vlog.vlog.vlog. YES!

  5. get lost somewhere exciting. take a swim in the cool glass sea. <<------- yes.

    eve @ essence of eve

  6. this is adorable, Grace. :) i am a traveling soul... i love traveling; adventure; seeing new places; photography ideas/chances--but i am always ready to come home.

    beautiful post, all together. <3

    and have a blast in L.A.! ;)


    ps-vlog? sounds like fun. ;)

  7. Grace!! This is so beautiful and perfect!!
    I'm feeling very inspired now.


  8. wow! did you take those photos?

    I love your to-do list. :)

  9. I agree with your list, I just went on a road trip to Milwaukee and brought embroidery and my Smash book:) Cute post!

  10. Oh, my, yes. These things are essentials to trips! I usually pack about 5-7 days ahead of time and plan before that. *smiles*. Lovely post! I hope you have a simply fabulous time.

  11. Abigail Celeste: you're such a dear soul Grace! I wanna get to know you better!

  12. I love this post! So very sweet, your writings have a sense of whimsy about them.

    With Love,