Jul 15, 2012

happy moments.

{{ lake tahoe, CA | 2012 | post coming soon...}}

burying your nose into a soft bed of freshly picked pastel roses.
the sudden feeling of running through the lawn barefoot.
the coolness of grass cloaked in evening dew.
the tree outside my window laden with purple fruit.
running my hands through a lavender garden.
quotes pinned to the wall with washi tape.
popping a warm sweet tomato into my mouth straight from my garden.
cooking with fresh basil. 
the scent of peaches at the farmer's market.
the laughter of little children playing in the water at work. 
packing memories into an old suitcase.
dreaming of this time next week.
collecting feathers in my journal. 
when "forever" turns into only but a week away.

 As a result, Anne had the golden summer of her life as far as freedom and frolic went.
 She walked, rowed, berried, and dreamed to her heart's content...
~Anne of Green Gables

summer has been filled to the brim with happy moments as of late. what are a few for you?
the girl in the garden.  

postscript ~ I apologize for not posting as of late. returned from vacation last week only to be hopping from work to play to pastimes to blogging to packing for another trip again. there is not enough time in the day for everything, is there? :) 


  1. Lovely picture!
    You have a beautiful way of putting words together. And I love the quote. :)


  2. wow, grace! this is SO beautiful. no: really, really, really beautiful. that picture is gorgeous and your writing -- even more so. wow.

    xx - acacia

  3. Mmmm... honey, it sounds like you're having a good summer. I wish I was there to spend it with you- or you with me. Maybe I can disable skype and get you on that plane to fix it *smiles* Oh, we're in Louisiana so you'd get to vacation in only one of the best states EVER.

    Love you so,

    p.s. I <3 that Anne of Green Gables quote.
    p.s.s. I love sticking my nose in pastel roses too... but the thorns have hindered that habit some. Plenty painful that.

  4. sounds like you have been enjoying a wonderful summer. glad to hear you're doing well. my summer is going well.my family is trying to plan a vacation at the moment. hope you have a great time on vacation, friend. :)

  5. I love the way one little quote from L.M. Montgomery can bring a rush of summer and poetry into my life. Maybe I should spend my last few weeks of vacation curled up under a tree with some of her books.

    God bless you!

  6. This sounds heavenly! And the bokeh...*love*.

  7. oh my dear, I've missed your posting! lovely list, though. much love. xo