Mar 14, 2010

I Was Awarded this Award from Bess!

Bess from Bess's Bag gave me this sweet award. Check out Bess's blog by clicking on the link on my sidebar. Thanks, Bess for giving me this award. Here are the award rules:
1. List eight stories you would like to live in.
2. List eight (or less) other bloggers who deserve this award.
3.Comment on their blogs to let them know you have awarded them.
Here are the eight stories I would like to live in:
1. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. (What would it be like to wear those cool dresses?.....)
2. The Apothecarie's Daughter by Julie Klassen. ( I would love to see a real apothecary shop.)
3. The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis (that would be so cool to wear one of those flowy dresses and go to Narnia heaven:)
4.The Secret of the Golden Pavilion by Caroline Keene. (So neat to work side by side with Nancy Drew!)
5. Dr. Oma by Ethel Herr (so cool if I could be a princess and an apothecarie's aprentice. Can you tell I love herbs?)
6. The Lacemaker and the Princess ( I do not exactly know who this book was written by but it was really good:)
7. A Little Princess (would be fun to see the "queer little eyes" of Sarah's that the book mentions so often)
8. Haddassah: The Girl Who Grew Up to Be Queen Esther (What would it be like to meet Queen Esther?!)
I am awarding this award to...
Lucie from Lucie Land, Peyton from Apples of Gold.


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