Mar 25, 2010

Composition and Sewing Projects

Hello again, Readers!!! I forgot to post my sewing projects :), and I wanted to post this composition that I had to write for school and thought you might enjoy it:
In the Baker's Window
A shy little street girl street girl stood on her tip-toes staring hungrily into the baker's shop. Every time a customer entered or exited the bakery, her heart would pound when she caught a delicious whiff of baking bread. She crinkled her brow and was determined to obtain a heavenly loaf of bread.
A woman passing by happened to stop and observe the baker kneading the dough. Memories flooded her mind and looked sympathetically at the street girl staring into the window. A shiver went down her spine, partly because of the crisp autumn wind; and partly because of the memories that she was reminiscing. She knew all too well what it was like to be on the street with people turning you down at every corner and angrily shoving you in their haste off the sidewalk into a puddle. It was not that long ago she was in the same position. She would have prossibly be in the same disposition if it were not for a kind baker to take her in.
"There now, deary, would you like a bite to eat?"
The girl blinked; too astounded to say words and could only nod willingly. It was the first time someone had talked to her with kindness and cordiality.
The woman entered into the shop; the warmth greeted her eagerly; the bell in the door jingled cheerfully; everything was so familiar. The baker was just taking a braided loaf from the crakling coals in the clay oven. The elderly Italian baker looked up from his work and smiled broadly, wiping the some excess flour off of his brow.
She purchased the newly baked loaf and a cup of cider and took it to the girl. "Oh, that is good," the street girl murmured in between sips of steaming hot cider.
"Thank you," she said softly but her gratitude was very evident in her meek voice.
The woman smiled, sighed contently, and continued down the sidewalk.
Sewing Projects
I finished this yesterday; I suppose you could call it a baby bonnet. It is now is tucked safely in my hope chest.
I purchased six of these lovely linen napkins from a flea market for an unpassable price. I have been embroidering them with French knots for my hope chest too!
This is one of my finished embroidery projects. It was fun to imagine what the Eiffel Tower is like in Paris. One of my top ten places to visit if I go to Europe.

Love always,


  1. Wow, Grace... your sewing projects are beautiful!! I haven't gotten into embroidery too much, but I'm hoping to sometime. It seems like it would be so much fun! =)

    About my blog button... here's the link to the main tutorial I used:

    I kind of had to figure some of it out myself, so if you need any help, *please* feel free to ask me! I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. :)

    ~ Love in Christ,
    Lindsay <3

    P.S. - I just noticed in your profile that you use Abeka! Isn't that a great curriculum? I love the grammar and spelling. :)

  2. Love the short story. It reminds me of "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Have you read that book? In it Sara helps a little street girl & the bakery lady takes her & helps her learn the trade of baking (if I'm remembering right=). So your story reminded me of that street girl that Sara helped, who's now grown-up & helping another because of the kindness she was shown. Your baby bonnet is so sweet! Love that idea! I aslo LOVE your embroidery of the Eiffel Tower! Cuteness!

  3. I really like your Eiffel tower embroidery project Grace! Really cool.