Dec 16, 2014

i've come home.

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Coming Home (part II) by Skylar Grey on Grooveshark

in truth, i haven’t changed. not much anyhow. maybe i’ll be lucky to claim being a half an inch taller than my mum, and my legs will be a bit toner from running to and fro, trying to beat the clock. maybe my skin’s stretched a bit, and my bones are a bit harder, and my sleep will be a bit sweeter. perhaps, i’m more comfortable being uncomfortable than i realize. maybe i can claim i’m braver being on my own, but i still feel at times like i’m being tossed about in a sea of people. maybe i’ll be able to say i’m a bit bolder and a little less lonely, but my voice still shakes in the crowd and i still chew on words that are left unsaid. my soul still shakes at the thought of change, even though the world has proved over and over it changes in the blink of an eye. maybe my hearts been left in a few more places and people than when i left. 

maybe i have changed, maybe i haven’t. 
but one thing hasn’t changed:
wherever my adventures take me, no matter how far or for how long, 
tell the world i’m coming home. 
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  1. Beautiful, as always! I'm so pleased to hear from you once again!
    P.S. Enjoy being with your family this holiday season!

  2. This is lovely. I've missed you, Grace!!

  3. Home is so special, especially when its absence makes us ever more fond of its loveliness.So peaceful reading your thoughts and beautiful words. <3

  4. I just got home from my first semester, as well, and it is a wonderful feeling. Enjoy your precious time at home, dear!

  5. this is so beautiful! I just love your blog ^^

  6. ohh, your words and the way you write have that lingering feeling of home and I've missed you so much || xx

  7. graceeeeee, i just came back from Christmas vacation, so obviously, i'm late on seeing this, but gahhh, it made my heart so happy to see that you had posted on here again. you have been sorely missed in the blogging world, dear friend!
    and THIS. oh, your words went straight to my heart. i have so much love for this!