Aug 26, 2012

i bid farewell.

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I will miss how the summer sun will spilled her golden goodness through the pine boughs. 
I will miss the laughter-filled midnights, the movie nights, the nights in which were stargazing nights.
I will miss the excitement of how "forever" turned into only a day away. 
I will miss vacation countdowns and mornings wrapped in quilts and midnight chats with friends near and faraway.
I will miss the thrilling shivers of diving into the cool depths below sapphire waters. 
I will miss lavender hugs and pastel rose kisses. 
I will miss messy buns and loose nautical braids. 
and I will miss dear summer, and can only dream of the next one to come. 

but dear autumn, I cannot wait for you to call at my garden gate....   

postscript :: I will be taking a little break {I have been actually, taking a little break from blogging, but this is an "official" announcement.} I just want to take a step back, breath, and figure out where I want to go with my blogging journey - sort out my dreams and priorities because, in all honesty,  I don't think 'tis quite fair to just write if my heart is not in it {neither for you or for me}. thank you for your patience, love, and do not hesitate to leave a note! xx's. 


  1. aww.. I'll miss you! Hope you get reinspired. Actually, I am finishing my blogging break on Friday and I am so excited to get back! :D But over my little break I did a lot of purpose "rethinking" and such. and so I am now an official fan of blogging breaks... as long as they aren't forever! :D

  2. Love this, m'darlin! And you have yourself a wonderful vacation. Just don't go away too long. *smiles*


  3. This is so beautiful. <3

    I'll miss you, but I know this break will be refreshing, so enjoy it! Love ya, dear!


  4. I'm going to miss summer too! :) Hope you have a nice blogging break!

  5. I begin school tomorrow which means that summer really is ending. It is bittersweet, but I am looking forward to autumn. I will miss your posts during your break, but I am thinking of doing the same thing. *smiles*


  6. while I understand your decision to step back, and wish you the best on your break, I'll miss you darling!

  7. I love your blog! Very creative title. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog.


  8. i totally understand :) take all the time you need... definitely missing your posts tho... take care :) bless you