Aug 27, 2013

sherlock inspired diys

 photo Notyourhousekeepersapron.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY.jpg
 photo notyourhousekeeperapron.jpg

// half apron tutorial by Rachael Meyers // 

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-6.jpg

// tea wallet tutorial by handmade therapy //

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-10.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-11.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-12.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-13.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-14.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-17.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-16.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-15.jpg

// explosion box card tutorial // 

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-9.jpg

now, if it isn't obvious enough to you by now, I'm a huge GINORMOUS, unhealthily obsessed Sherlockian. thanks to the two handsome dudes gentlemen living in 221b Baker Street, my life has never been the same. *ultimate facepalm* 

and that's all thanks to this girl right here. *winchel smirk* 

since we celebrated her birthday last week, I spent all the preceding thursday {once again, NEVER just makes you stay up until 11:00 at night having a row with the sewing machine} sewing an apron and tea wallet with this fabric. i also finished up the details of my "I am [] [] [] [] locked" explosion birthday card which was posted on this website here
{to say that this girl is lucky is an understatement :D}. 

have you made any fandom inspired crafts? 
xx from a fellow wholockian 

Aug 23, 2013

folding the corners // summer twenty-thirteen recap

Some things don't last forever, but some things do 
like a good song, or a good book or a good memory you can take out 
and unfold in your darkest of times, pressing out the corners and 
peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there. // unknown // 
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may // 
 photo Collage.jpg
june // 
 photo TheSecretGarden-10.jpg
july // 
 photo onpeachesandjournals-14.jpg
 photo stilllife-8.jpg
 photo thecolony-41.jpg
 photo Swingdancingcollage.jpg
 photo SwingDanceCreston2013-8.jpg
august // 
 photo sparklers-7.jpg
 photo sparklers-12.jpg
 photo missm.jpg
 photo LaJollaCove.jpg
 photo fire-8.jpg
 photo SanJuan-31.jpg
 photo SanJuan-34.jpg
and maybe T I M E
etches us into what we A R E
instead of M O L D I N G
us into what we 
want TO BE.

farewell summer. xx

Aug 20, 2013

i am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams...

 photo fire-3.jpg
 photo fire-2.jpg
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 photo fire-5.jpg
 photo fire-4.jpg
she never truly knew how to feel 
around him
what to say 
(breath was the most common
word that 
reeled through her mind) - 

she had heard multiple times
that it was mandatory
to know every detail 
"the one"
memorized and imprinted
on your mind: 

but for her, that wasn't the 

it was the tinest of things. 
when she looked 
her memories weren't composed of
hair color
or dimples
or eyes
(in fact, 
eye contact 
was something she had been
deathly afraid of) 
but -
it was his laugh: 
oh, that laugh! 
sticky with richness
& aliveness 
& passion
(which she would do
anything to hear) -
it set a spark
& built a fire;
released her far-flung hopes
into the the sea; 
& sent her impossible dreams 
into the midnight sky. 

in the end
all she knew of him
was his smile
that dug roots into her heart
until she realized
one had crept over her 

a bit of fiction || a pinch of truth
the scribblings of the dreamer of improbable dreams

Aug 18, 2013

so here we are, you and me, on the last page.

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 photo SanJuan-15.jpg
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 photo SanJuan-12.jpg
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 photo SanJuan-20.jpg
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 photo SanJuan-19.jpg
 photo SanJuan-18.jpg
 photo SanJuan-23.jpg
 photo SanJuan-24.jpg
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 photo SanJuan-31.jpg
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 photo SanJuan-30.jpg
“That is the nature of endings, it seems. They never end. When all the missing pieces of your life are found, put together with glue of memory and reason, there are more pieces to be found.” ― Amy Tan 
i'd burn up a sun 
just for this // 

to burn all the thoughts of the end
all the goodbyes 
(that ended the 
few hours of talking that never
seemed quite enough)
for that one hello/ for that one embrace; 

i'd jump
into the depths of the sea for this // 

to drown all time 
& the moments i was never there
& the aching
& the missing
& those taunting miles 
           (in the frothy waves) 
for that first hour spent together; 

i'd tear 
all the last pages of // 

each & every novel 
in the world
 - and bind a million books with them - 
just so i could read
the last chapter of our adventures
over again to you
(on a two and a half hour trip)
a little bit of poetry written by moi

the days have been filled with endless laughter and smiles and rich things. johanna took me to her favorite tea house in san juan capistrano on wednesday, traditional shopping at the irvine spectrum on thursday, and kayaking at newport bay on friday. astounding how quickly a week can slip by. i can't say i like endings, and goodbyes are things i struggle with. in fact, i rather dislike them. nostalgia settles quite easily in my soul, and i miss the wind swept hair, the soCal weather, the teasing, the hugs, the british accents, the blaring OneRepublic in a certain golden car, the constant Sherlock quoting, and the evenings spent 'round the fire sipping coffee just to keep our drooping eyes awake. i miss her dearly. 

i'm home now. exhausted. apparently staying up until 3:00 in the morning around a cheery fire every night is catching up with me {who knew right?}. straight from LA, i joined my other best friend's future sister-in-law's {mouthful, right?} wedding shower and it was weird to come home to familiar faces - a good sort of feeling albeit bittersweet. it was good to see so many friends welcome me home. i start my final school year tomorrow. odd how everything slips back into ordinary. apparently, nothing new comes under the sun in this little town.

but in the end, I will savor the goodness of missing and be missed in return. 
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